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Lee Chambers (born 22 May 1985) is a British psychologist, entrepreneur and radio host.[1] He was born in Bolton, United Kingdom, and is the founder of both PhenomGames and Essentialise. Chambers has been interviewed by Vogue, The Guardian, and Newsweek, and is known for analyzing the psychological aspects of colour and workplaces.[2]


Chambers holds a BSc in International Business Psychology and an MSc in Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey. He is the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, a company that delivers mental wellbeing initiatives to other organisations.[3] Chambers is also a Director of Wellbeing Lancashire, a Community Interest Company specialising in health innovation and equality, and has worked with a variety of companies, including Indeed.com, TalkTalk, and Ineos. He is the host of the Self Aware Entrepreneur Show and was voted in the Top 50 BAME Entrepreneurs Under 50 in 2020 alongside Nitin Passi, Eric Yuan and Ranjan Chatterjee.[4] Chambers has also been recognised for his entrepreneurial journey by Startups.co.uk with Anne Boden, Ben Francis and Steven Bartlett.

Personal Life

Chambers lives in Preston, Lancashire with his wife and two children.[5] Chambers is the cousin of British athlete Dwain Chambers.

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